Wed 18 April 7-9pm Men't Group with Sabih - Promote and enable authentic and meaningful relationships
Collective Healing Centre

Wed 18 April 7-9pm Men't Group with Sabih - Promote and enable authentic and meaningful relationships

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We have a purpose to come together in this circle. Our purpose is to promote and enable authentic and meaningful relationships not only with each other but with ourselves, a place where we integrate the head and the heart. A place to promote personal growth and wellbeing.

As men, usually our trajectory growing up is very predictable, we are happy and free to be ourselves as an infant, but there is a moment that we are shamed and bullied of our emotions, we are taught to man up, which narrow’s our range of emotional expression increasing our internal emotional stress and pressure, resulting in epidemic levels of social isolation and illness and sometimes early mortality.

Through this process of isolation, we make masks that we project out. Holding those projections is tiring and stressful. It is a time now to become aware of those masks and of the isolation that is created as a consequence of it. It is a time to open up for more integration.

The shadows that usually we are unaware of, sometimes become the propeller that pushes you to be and become who you are.

Being in a group and sharing is one of the most sacred and transformative practices that I ever experienced. Sharing gives us the opportunity to relieve and release stress. And also is the stepping stone on the process of self-awareness which opens you up to your ability to have clarity of your internal compass.

We want to promote a place where we can authentically and confidentially share and be listened to without judgment.

A place to promote insight, reduce isolation and develop connections.

Each event will explore a theme or topic, which will only be revealed on the day.

We will be able to sit and meditate together and then share our insights.

Stan Cortes (or Sahib Singh, Kundalini Yoga teacher with more than 24 years of experience) will be holding the space for the group and presenting the structure and guidelines before the start of it.

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