What is collective healing

Healing simply means wholeness. As human beings we long for the experience of wholeness. There are many people who have dedicated their lives to helping us reconnect to our souls and true purpose.

The power of healing is through the heart; the heart is the vehicle for connecting with self, others, spirit, and the universe. The heart reminds us that we are all the same. It’s through life challenges, stress and trauma that we can feel most alone, that we lose the connection to ourselves and to others.

Here at the Collective Healing Centre, we understand this need and have created a space for these communities to come together to share, connect and heal.

We are a space that offers healers, practitioners, scientists, lecturers, yogis, musicians and artists to share their words, wisdoms and hearts.

It’s a heart centred space where the collective spirit and strength can gather and join hands to uplift and heal.

Together we are stronger.

Together we are powerful. 

And together we can make a difference in the world.